Tip of the Month:

P11Ds Loom

Are you an employer whose staff receive benefits in kind?

Do you know what constitutes a benefits in kind?

P11Ds are due soon where benefits are given. It is up to the employer to get this right, and on time - with Inland Revenue penalties for errors, omissions and delays.

Maybe you are an employee receiving benefits. These will be taxable but there may be some tax relief available. it's up to you to find it and claim it.

Employer or employee, if you need help through the mine-field of benefits in kind perhaps we can be that help.

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5th April

The employers nightmare, the P35, is already landing on doormats near you. If you get the payroll end-of-year blues, why not pass your problems to us?

We can prepare to make your returns online, earning your business cash bonuses from the Inland Revenue.

Deadlines, deadlines....

No sooner have we reached 31st January and breathed a sigh of relief (we did all get our Tax Returns in, didn't we?) than the next deadline appears on the horizon.